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Flat Fees

We offer the following services on a flat-fee basis (other matters charged hourly).   Client is responsible for providing information necessary to complete legal tasks.  Price may be subject to change. 

Service Price Details
Phone Attorney Review $50 Up to 30 minutes
Basic Attorney Contract Review $300 Includes review up to 25- page contract and one hour meeting to discuss
Contract Revision/Negotiation Package $500 ​  Everything included in basic, plus redline changes into the contract and up to two hours of negotiation and/or additional client communication
Living (Revocable Trust Family) $950 Under $1 million
Living (Revocable Trust Individual) $750 Under $1 million
Single Testator Will  $350  Standard Will/Advanced Medical Directives
Couple Standard Will $500  Standard Will/Advanced Medical Directives
Durable Power of Attorney $100 n/a
Advance Health Care Directive $100 n/a
Business Startup/Checkup $150 One-hour legal overview meeting $150
Residential Lease Review (Tenant) $150 Review lease and half hour meeting to discuss
Residential Lease Drafting (Landlord)  ​ $250 Includes half-hour meeting to discuss objectives and draft of basic residential lease
Commercial Lease (Tenant) Basic $250 Includes  review of commercial leas and one hour meeting to discuss
Commercial Lease (Tenant) Advanced​ $500 Everything included in Basic, plus initial redline revisions and up to two hours negotiations and/or additional client communication time
Commercial Lease Drafting (Landlord)   $750 Includes one-hour meeting to discuss objectives, and draft of basic commercial lease
Foreclosure Litigation $750-$3,500 ​Litigation/ Modification/ Liquidation
Business Incorporation $750 Includes One-hour legal overview meeting, corporate/LLC  formation  documents
Residential  Real Estate Closing     $600 Includes Attorney Review and Closing 

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We aim to focus on the protection of the subset of consumers that are oftentimes overlooked.

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